Water Wizard Touch Free Car Wash
Over 30 years of experience developing better performing car wash equipment has gone into the Water Wizard Touchfree Automatic. It's cleaning features include an independent presoak system, onboard rocker panel blasters and oscillating high pressure nozzles. Our customers are impressed with the speed and cleaning power of the Water Wizard.

Water Wizard Image
Water Wizard Image
Standard Features

Every Water Wizard Touch Free Automatic is loaded with standard features. It includes most of the customer requested features and then some. Every unit is equipped with Undercarriage and Rocker Panel Sprayers. The undercarriage provides a high pressure under the vehicle wash. The On Board Rocker Panel Sprayers thoroughly clean the wheels, tires, and lower part of the vehicle with controlled efficiency.

Water Wizard Image
Water Wizard Image

The specially designed wash boom with high impact, zero degree oscillating nozzles will rotate and attack the dirt on the front and rear of the vehicle.


Water Wizard Image

On-board Rocker Panel Blasters thoroughly clean the target area, front to rear.

Water Wizard Image
The brightly lit LED scrolling
sign and Enter Now/Please Wait
bay entrance sign are in
constant communication with
the customer in the bay
and the person next in line.
Scrubbing Action Oscillating Nozzles

The scrubbing action oscillating nozzles are among the many advantages provided standard with the Water Wizard. Moving the high pressure water so it attacks the dirty vehicle from different angles serves to peel the dirt away and get into areas that straight on spray patterns do not touch.

Water Wizard Image
Water Wizard Image
The scrubbing action oscillating nozzles sweep back and forth over the
entire vehicle as the wash gantry passes over the vehicle.

Water Wizard Image
Presoak nozzles are independent of the high pressure nozzles providing an effective and efficient delivery system. The nozzles change direction as the gantry moves to ensure a complete covering even in hard to reach areas.

Presoak is applied on both sides and the top simultaneously.

Note the incredible coverage and the unique application. As the gantry travels, a smooth even blanket of hot presoak coats the vehicle loosening grime and dirt.

Water Wizard Image
The vehicle is being scrubbed clean with high pressure water.
The entire vehicle will receive a good scrubbing as the high pressure water creates friction upon impact with the vehicle’s surface. The back and forth motion of the zero degree oscillating spray pattern attacks the dirt and grime from all different angles.
Auto Height Adjustment

 Cleans lower height vehicles as well as you do full size SUV’s! The Water Wizard’s control system scans and profiles the height of each vehicle at the beginning of the wash cycle.

The system will automatically adjust the wash boom to multiple vehicle heights.

Water Wizard Image
Adjusting to specific vehicle dimensions ensures exceptional cleaning on subsequent passes.

Wizard Contour System

 Now the contouring option takes command. Observe how closely the wash boom follows the contour of the vehicle, maximizing the scrubbing action of the high-pressure wash. Every vehicle that enters the Water Wizard 2.0, regardless of vehicle height, receives the same quality wash.

Maximum cleaning in a touch free automatic depends on quality hot presoak and good high pressure scrubbing action. Moving the nozzles closer to the vehicle during the high pressure passes produces consistent and effective cleaning power.

Water Wizard Image
Water Wizard Image
Magic of Tripleshine

  Our customers are dazzled with the magic of Tripleshine. Our customers are amazed at the incredible array of colors as the specially designed applicator blends the Red, Gold and Blue conditioning foam into a soft, vibrant blanket to protect your vehicle’s finish. 
Wheel Blaster

Water Wizard Image
Zero degree oscillating nozzles deliver and extra blast of cleaning power.

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